Posted on April 13, 2021

It's been almost a year since we were first cooped up at home and saw the widespread closure of fun activities in the area. Unfortunately, we're still advised to social distance, but luckily there are still a lot of great things you can do in the area to beat the cabin fever! From virtual museum tours to hiking trails to outdoor fitness or yoga classes, you can see something new from the comfort of your couch or get out into the world. 

Virtual Experiences

You may already know that Baltimore is home to a number of world-class museums, but did you know that most of them are offering virtual experiences during the pandemic? Here's a short list of what's out there. This is by no means a complete list, so if you don't see your favorite museum, head over to their website and see if they have anything new!

Outdoor and Socially Distant Events

No matter how expansive the internet may seem, there is still a point where you just need to get up and go somewhere. The CDC tells us that outdoor events are the safest, so whether you're looking for socially-distant group events or somewhere you can find some solitude, there are some options for you.