Posted on November 7, 2018

House Cleaning Baltimore

The bad news, your house is a mess.

Or maybe it’s not. Maybe you’re the sort of perfectionist that makes their bed after waking up, cleans dishes as soon as you’re finished, folds and puts away laundry as soon as the dryer goes ding. That’s great and all, and you should be proud!

For the rest of us, cleaning can be a real hassle. Fortunately we live in the future, and help is as close as your smart phone. Today Staffordshire Realty looks at Five Useful Apps to help keep your place spic and span!

All Apps are available through Google Play and the App Store. They are free to download unless otherwise mentioned.



OurHome is a fun and easy app that allows you to Organize Tasks, Delegate Responsibility among family and roommates, and keep a shared grocery list between your clan. It also has a shared calendar to make sure everybody’s on the same page. It’s a great way of getting things done, and it’s a great way of teaching your children responsibility in a fun and family friendly way. 



LetGo lets you sell off your stuff without too much heavy lifting or shipping and handling. Simply take a photo, list it, and wait for the offers to come your way. Buyer shows up at your place and takes it off your hands. Great way to get rid of things you don’t need anymore while making a little bit of cash.

Messy Room

Unfilth Your Habitat

From the creator of the foul mouthed blog Unf--- Your Habitat, which for years has used adult words to get us to motivated for a cleaning session, comes the Unfilth your Habitat App, which takes the useful tips and profanity ridden advice of the blog and applies it to your phone. It offers time based challenges, customized to do lists, a 20/10 timer (20 minutes of cleaning followed by 10 minutes of rest), a per room challenge, and random motivators throughout the day that will have you get off your duff and get that pile of laundry done.  ($0.99 to buy, for Mature Audiences, obviously.)



One of the best apps for learning how to take care of your home, Brightnest provides useful tips and hints on the best way to remove toilet stains, or how to clean hair out of your sink, organizing your closet, and more!

To Do List



Got money to burn? Perhaps it’s time to hire a professional cleaner with Handy, an app that also links you in with professional painters and plumbers and more. You can set up a schedule and manage everything online. All of these professionals are vetted and thoroughly background checked, and they promise friendly helpful 24/7 customer service.


There's no time like the present to get your house in order! Download one or all of these apps today and you can turn your place into the palace you so desperately need!

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