Posted on October 6, 2018

Blue Angels

You might've heard, It’s Fleet Week. If you didn't see them flying in formation, you might have noticed your plates rattling as an F-16 flew over your house.

HMS Monmouth "The Black Duke"

Fleet Week is an amazing spectacle for people of all ages. There's a thrill in seeing the largest ships from all around the world sailing around the Inner Harbor while Blue Angels break the sound barrier above your head. But there is more, so much more… food, fun, and educational opportunities abound. There are events all around the city and the county. So many that the biggest worry may be deciding which event you want to attend. Is it touring a 378 foot combat ship like the USS Milwaukee or a journey through historic Fort McHenry?

Ship Tour

Fleet Week ends on Tuesday, with events in the Harbor, Fells Point, Locust Point, and Martin's Airport. For more information visit:


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