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Christmas Tree

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Oh, Christmas Tree.

This is the siren song of over 27 million Americans the day after Christmas. Your wonderful, beautiful monument to December 25th becomes a burden once the ball drops. Once they are disconnected from their roots, they’re on the clock. Eventually, the pines turn brown and make a mess out of your living room carpet.

The good news is that Christmas Trees are environmentally friendly. Most of them are collected from farms dedicated to their growth, not forests. According to Popular Science, this encourages short term reforestation, and each tree collects as much as 20 pounds of planet warming Carbon Dioxide.

Christmas Tree 2

Energy Saved, if every Tree was recycled could power a house for more than 16,000 years!
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Unfortunately, too many trees end up rotting in landfills, or burned, releasing this carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Christmas Trees are also dangerous for fireplaces, their sticky oils are highly flammable. They also gunk up your fireplace, increasing the likelihood of a Christmas fire.  

The good news is that recycling your Christmas tree is a piece of cake, especially in Maryland.

Mulching let’s the tree’s carbon return to the soil. Good for your garden and great for the environment. The best part is it’s relatively easy! Earth 911 can help you find places to mulch your tree. You can also call your local Home Depot to see if they can recycle it for you.

Every county and jurisdiction has specific rules on how, when, and where you can leave your tree for pickup. Some have places you can drop your Christmas tree off. If you live in an apartment building, your landlord may have their own set of rules. All of them request two things, that it must be a live tree (not artificial) and all tinsel and decorations must be removed.

Baltimore city offers free curbside pickup from January 2 to January 31st. Simply leave your tree, on your designated trash pick up spot on the day of your collection. It is taken to the Southwest Convenience Center and Public Works Sanitation Center (701 Reedbird Ave.)  where it is converted to Mulch. Even in if you don’t have a Christmas tree, you can collect mulch from this sanitation center, provided you bring your own bags and bins for collecting.

According to the Baltimore Sun, In the city, you can bring your tree to Northwest Citizen’s Convenience Center (2480 Sisson St.). They are accepting trees for mulching from January 5 to January 26, 9AM-2PM. Once again, you can bring bags and bins to collect mulch while supplies last.

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Baltimore County: In Baltimore County you’re going to have to wait a little bit before roadside collection. Not just that, you have a smaller window of time, a two week period. They suggest you place it on your curb no later than January 20th to guarantee pick up.

Fortunately for Baltimore County residents, starting in 2018, residents with alley collection are instructed to place their Christmas trees in the alley, where they normally set out trash and recycling.

Baltimore County also has three locations to drop off your Christmas trees, starting December 26th. They are:


  • 7Eastern Sanitary Landfill Solid Waste Management Facility (6259 Days Cove Rd.)

    • Monday to Saturday 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

  • Baltimore County Resource Recovery Facility (201 W. Warren Rd)

    • Monday to Saturday 7 AM - 4 PM

  • Western Acceptance Facility (3310 Transway Rd)

    • Monday to Saturday 7 AM - 4 PM


Anne Arundel County: Collects and Composts Christmas Trees and Wreaths (Sans decorations and tinsel) with other yard waste. Click this link for more information on curbside collections. Tuesday January 1st there will be no Yardside collection, so make sure your trees are out on Wednesday.

Harford County: Like Anne Arundel County, trees are collected with Yard Waste. This lasts until January 19th, where trees will be collected with garbage and unfortunately sent to landfills. The Christmas Tree Recovery Program is a point of pride in Harford County, they boast that over 90,000 trees have been converted to mulch. If you don’t know your regions yard trim collection policy, call 410-313-6444.

There are two specific facilities you can bring your trees for Mulch:

Howard County: Howard County Christmas trees can be picked up on Recycling Days for Mulching. For more information on collection dates, call 410-313-6444. They can also be dropped off at 9 Convenient Locations:

For more information on your county’s Christmas tree recycling program, visit Pick Your Own Christmas Tree’s website. If your area isn’t mentioned you want to contact your local trash collection agency.

Consider mulching your tree a Christmas gift for Mother Earth. According to YouSustain, the carbon content of 27 million trees is the equivalent of keeping 42,000 cars off the road. It’s simple, easy, and adds a little bit more cheer to the holiday season.


Photo by Lexy Valadez on Reshot

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