Posted on November 23, 2018


Whether you rent or own property in Maryland, Winter can be a mess of frozen pipes, high utility bills, and cold apartments. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Not only can you keep you warm, you can do it without shelling out hundreds of dollars to BGE. Here are our favorite DIY tips.

Fireplace, Hot Chocolate


Dress Warmly! Bundle up in sweatshirts and sweaters. Break out the comforters and blankets. Dress warm and you won’t need to crank up the heat. Keeping that thermostat on the low end of the 60-70 degree sweet spot will save you a lot of $$$ in the long run.


Drafting: You can find a draft detector online for around 25 bucks, but you can also break out a candle or incense stick to find out where the cold winds are coming from.

Man with blanket over him, laying on couch
Sometime the simplest solutions are the most cost effective!



Insulate! Placing thick sheets of plastic over the windows is a great way to keep the cold air outside. You can do this with plastic wrap, or go to a trusted brand like 3M, whose Window Insulators are pretty spot on. Draft stoppers prevent cold air from sneaking underneath your doors. Which brings us to:

Curtain Call: A good pair of curtains is worth its weight in gold. Insulated curtains do a great job of keeping the cold air out and the heat in. In lieu of curtains, blankets or sheets can work just as well, as long as they cover the window completely.

Sunrise, Sunlight


Let the Sunshine In: However, keep the curtains open during the daytime, especially along south facing windows. Let the sun warm your house during the day, then close your curtains around dusk to keep that energy inside.

Roll out the red carpet: Anybody who’s experienced the misery of bare feet on cold floors, first thing in the morning, is reluctant to go through that again. Carpets and rugs not only keep your toes warm, they also help insulate. 10-20% of heat loss comes from bare floors. If you own property consider laying some more carpet down. If you’re renting, throw some rugs down, the more the merrier.

Baking Brownies


Get Cooking: Now is the time to break out the bread recipes and get baking. It’s a good way of keeping the kitchen warm, keeping you active, and filling your house with good scents.

Reverse your Ceiling Fan: Most ceiling fans have the option to go clockwise at their base. A clockwise fan pushes warm air lurking in the ceiling towards the lower parts of the room. Don’t forget to switch it back come Spring!

Ceiling Fan living room



Close the Door: Keep your rooms closed! This way heat stays inside each room, and prevents heat loss around the house.

Get Smart: If you have a smart thermometer, you can program that bad boy to heat up during certain times and turn off when you're out of the house. Most modern houses come equipped with these now, and if they don't, they are relatively easy to install.

For more information on keeping your house warm during winter, check out the old farmer's almanac.

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