Posted on May 27, 2021

In the cold of winter, we all tend to let the clutter build up. That's why Spring Cleaning is a tradition we can all benefit from participating in. Here are some easy tips to make the process go more smoothly. 


1. Don't Dive In Without a Plan

It may be tempting to dive in headfirst, but taking some time beforehand to make a plan can make everything easier for you. Determine your focus--is it your priority to declutter and get rid of extra items around your house or do you simply need to reorganize and dust? Think either room by room or task by task. If you're doing a full declutter ala Marie Kondo, start by removing everything from the shelves and cabinets. This gives you the opportunity to clean the surfaces without obstruction before you reorganize.

2. Clean From Top to BottomShower

If you have ever watched your freshly-scrubbed floor get covered in dust from the ceiling fan, you already know this one. Work with gravity instead of against it and make sure any dust or dirt you knock down falls to a surface you haven't yet cleaned.

3. Don't Forget the Windows

It's easy to forget your windows, but a clean window can make a huge difference. Break out the windex and keep that glass clear!

4. Crank the Tunes

Nothing makes a day of cleaning easier than the right playlist. Put together whatever upbeat, high energy songs you love and use it to keep your energy going! 


5. Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

Once you've finished up, either with the full job or with the day's tasks, crack open a beer (or a soda), take a seat, and look around at your newly cleaned home! 


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